We can support your life surround Tokyo. For students. 

Information of charges (from Apl,2016)

Charge for stay

69000 JPY/month.
         room charge   30000 JPY
         meals     32000 JPY
         management fee  7000JPY

Electric bill

We will claim it every month by individual electric-meters.


74000 JPY
         Deposit will be refunded when you leave here.

Fire insurance

Tenant have to close Fire Insurance contract, which costs 13,000JPY for 2years.
If you leave earlier, the insurance company would refund the fee for the remaining months. (Based on the contract cancellation policy.)
It is the Mitsui-Sumitomo Insurance's. 


Update fee

5000 JPY
      Update fee will be needed when renew the contract.


Term of contract

Every 1 year.
We cannot accept the contract within 2 months.     

**Payment is Japanese-Yen in cash.

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